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Dental Implants

The popular treatment option closest to your natural teeth are Dental Implants.  Implants are successful, easy to maintain and predictable long-term.  And because they are decay proof, investing in dental implants now will ultimately save patients time and money in the future.


Have you been unhappy with your smile for a while now?  From simple professional whitening to porcelain veneers and crowns to acrylic bonding, we offer a variety of procedures that will give you that confident smile you have been waiting for.  Call us today!


PATIENT Education

Our practice strives on educating patients about how important oral hygiene and at home care is.  Keeping your natural teeth for as long as you can is hands down the best and most inexpensive dental option as well as a key factor to living a happy and healthy life.


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Our Team


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Patient Comfort

Is Our Number One Priority......

At PortSide Dental Dr. Peter Grace and his staff make patients feel comfortable from the first phone call to schedule an appointment, to walking through the door and sitting in our treatment rooms, to leaving the office feeling confident in knowing they trust our team with guiding them to a healthy dental future.