When it comes to making our patients happy while improving their smiles cosmetically,  PortSide Dental has options. 


A tooth that is fractured or broken, has a large area of decay or a large filling is a candidate for a crown.  Also, many patients want to crown a tooth simply because they do not like they way the natural tooth looks.  Crowning a tooth is a great option for restoring strength and function to that area of the mouth and are successful long-term with proper routine oral hygiene.    There are multiple materials that can be used when making a crown with porcelain serving as most popular due to existing natural tooth shade matching.   





A veneer is a thin shell or shield of medical-grade material that is attached to the front surface of a tooth for an immediate smile transformation.  Most popular are porcelain veneers due to lasting durability.  Veneers are individually crafted for each patient and these cosmetic enhancements are made from acrylic or porcelain that closely resemble the appearance of natural dental enamel. Dr. Grace recommends  veneers for a number of cosmetic corrections, ranging from chipped teeth to whitening to orthodontic adjustments. 



Implants are quickly becoming the most popular cosmetic option with their versatile ability to correct an area missing just one tooth to supporting full dentures for upper and lower teeth.

Implant Banner 2.jpg



A bridge is a great option to replace a missing tooth but long term success really depends on the individuals home care routine.  Also the adjacent teeth will need prep work to support the connection of the false middle tooth for overall stability.  


Bonding with acrylic material is a great cost effective option for patients with chipped or worn teeth.  With a variety of acrylic shades to choose from, this versatile material blends nicely on teeth and also aids in protecting exposed dentin areas.  




Whitening is a simple cost effective option to brighten your smile.  Here at PortSide Dental, we can easily evaluate the shade of your teeth and see if an over the counter system or an in office professional treatment would work best for you.  



Our goal at PortSide Dental is help you maintain your natural teeth for your lifetime.  Maintaining and keeping your natural teeth for as long as you can is hands down the most inexpensive and functionally best option.  Gum disease, tooth decay or other dental abnormalities may cause some people to lose their teeth rapidly as they age or can even impact young adults. Dentures may be an option for some people.