We care about you and your overall health.


When choosing a Dentist it's important to understand what the office practice philosophy is so trusting relationships are established. At PortSide Dental our ultimate goal is for patients to be on a 6 month routine hygiene visit for teeth cleanings. Educating patients on how to implement proper home care such as the importance of flossing and brushing twice a day at home, is absolutely the key to being decay free, visiting our office less often and having control over your oral health and the amount of money you spend on dental each year.

First and foremost PortSide Dental is a pain free office. Dentistry should not be painful. It’s the lack of proper dental care that causes the pain and we do our best to make sure every single patient is comfortable. We regularly have daily openings for emergency visits if needed. Our patients are always informed on what the procedures en-tale, why the specific procedure needs to happen, and will never leave without knowing the costs associated with the dental work that needs to be completed.